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Solid Retirement Foundation

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Despite recent increases, today's interest rates are still near historic lows with yields of just 0.2% (average 1-year CD rate) and 0.9% (10-year Treasury Yield). Sources: FDIC and Yahoo! Finance for CD amounts $100,000 or more as of 12/31/2020. Even with $1 million into these fixed income instruments, interest income would be just $2,000–$9,000 per year.

Overcome this Challenge with the Power of Index Performance

To help grow your savings, a Power Select Index Annuity offers growth potential through diverse index interest accounts that earn interest based partly on the performance of:

Names and descriptions of various indices

You may not earn interest each year, but you may earn higher interest than traditional fixed income instruments over time. The annuities also offer the comfort and security of a 1-year fixed rate account that provides interest each year.*

Plus You Gain the Power of Tax Deferral

You pay no taxes on the interest that remains in the annuity. As a result, your money can grow faster than a taxable account, potentially earning interest in three different ways:

  • You may earn interest on your principal.
  • You may earn interest on the interest credited to your contract.
  • You may earn interest on money that would otherwise go to pay taxes.

Plus, once you begin withdrawals, you may be in a lower tax bracket, which could give you even more tax savings over time.

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