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Challenge – LIVING LONGER (Outliving Assets)

It’s simple math. The longer you live, the more income you will need. Couple this with an unexpected market downturn and rising general living expenses, having reliable sources of income that can last for life is important, since life in retirement for you and your spouse may last 30+ years.

Overcome this Challenge with Annuity Payment Options

A Power Select Index Annuity offers different annuity payment options at no fee that allows you to turn the value of the annuity into a stream of payments. You choose how long this income will last, like for a set period of time or for your and/or spouse’s lifetimes.

Power of Liquidity and Income

Power Select Plus Income offers the choice of two guaranteed living benefit riders for an annual fee. Each rider provides guaranteed income for life with ways for this income to potentially rise. The riders offer you the ability to take lifetime withdrawals of up to 7.0% of the selected rider's "Income Base", initially equal to your premium used to purchase the annuity.

Enhanced Income Benefit Rider

Also known as a "confinement rider", is automatically included with the guaranteed living benefit riders for no annual fee. This rider allows you to receive up to 200% of your lifetime income, if confined to a qualified facility such as a nursing home for at least 90 days. This enhanced income doesn't negatively impact the rider's benefits and is available for up to five contract years or until the depletion of the contract value, whichever occurs first. Other restrictions and limitations apply.

Guaranteed 7.0% Income Base Growth

Lifetime Income Plus Flex® provides a simple 7.0% growth to its Income Base each year before the rider is activated.

With the FLEXability to Take Income

If you need to make a withdrawal, you have the flexibility to take income without eliminating the 7.0% income credit and without locking in the guaranteed lifetime withdrawal rate. Before rider activation, any withdrawal will reduce the rider's Income Base and Income Credit Base by the same proportion it reduced the contract value.

Or DOUBLE and MATCH Interest Earned for Income Base Growth

Lifetime Income Plus Multiplier FlexSM provides the potential for income base growth with annual income credits that equal DOUBLE or MATCHES the interest earned.

DOUBLE the Interest Earned to Help Max Income Potential
Before activating the rider, income base grows by an income credit equal to DOUBLE the interest earned for the year. No growth when no interest is earned.

MATCH the Interest Earned for More Income Potential
After activating the rider and the first withdrawal, the rider’s income base grows by an income credit that MATCHES the interest earned for the year and your income will grow by this rate too! This income growth potential lasts until the earlier of age 95 or the depletion of the contract's value. Again, if there is no growth in the rider’s benefit when no interest has been earned.